Bunalun x Pure In Fact
Verified: Organic Independent

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Pure Standards: 

Tasting Notes: Rich in fibre, protein, B vitamin and calcium. Add milk, stir into yoghurt or steep overnight in honey-flavoured milk or fresh juice.
Made of: Certified organic oats; fruits, nuts and seeds (60%), cranberries (12%), walnuts, hazelnuts, blueberries (8%), coconut, apple, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds; wheat flakes; rye flakes. 
Made in: Produced locally in each country of sale.
Size: 16oz (450g) rPET Jar. Product code: V1015061
Size: 16oz (450g) Vacuum-packed pouch. Product code: V1015062
Packaging: rPET post-consumer recycled packaging is chiller safe, FDA approved, BPA-free and fully recyclable. 
Storage: FDA approved, BPA-free and fully recyclable

Pure In Fact Verified: Organic Independent

It means: Organics produced by independent proprietors of certified organic farms and on small ethically managed organic estates around the world.

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