BUNALUN for Pure In Origin™
Certified: Organic. Verified: Provenance and Product Claims

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Freshness and origin are the most important qualities to look for in good organic whole foods, that's why every package of Bunalun Organic Rice displays the actual production date and location of the certified organic producer. This is a more reliable indicator of freshness than the "best before" date.

Pure Standards: 

Tasting Notes: Another of our favourite daily rices. An aromatic long-grained rice from Thailand, its grains stay separate but soft and slightly clingy when cooked. Delicately Jasmine flavoured, this rice is ideally suited to Sough East Asian dishes, stir-fries or in pilaus. A soothing foil for Thai-style or Vietnamese curries.
Made of: Certified organic brown Thai jasmine rice.
Made in:  Thailand
Size: 2lb (900g) rPET Jar. Product code: V1005131
Size: 2lb (900g) BioPouch. Product code: V1005133
Size: 1lb (450g) BioPouch. Product code: V1005135
Packaging: rPET post-consumer recycled packaging is chiller safe, FDA approved, BPA-free and fully recyclable. 
Storage: Ambient, or refrigerate for optimum freshness.

Pure Flavor Guarantee: 

Unlike most packaged rice (organic or conventional), this Bunalun Organic Brown Thai Jasmine Rice was packed in the same season in which it was harvested. The packaged rice ships fresh from the producer to the Pure Authentics regional foodhub. This ensures you get the freshest and purest product direct from the producer, no tired commodities which have been hanging around losing their flavor in warehouses.

Pure Origin Guarantee:

The individual certified organic producer's farm and location is displayed on the packaging. This product is sourced from organic farms in Thailand.


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