Maker to You x Bunalun
Certifications: USDA Organic

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Maker to You

Freshness and origin are the most important qualities to look for in good organic whole foods, that's why every package of these beans displays the actual harvest date and ships directly from the maker to you.

Product Facts

Tasting Notes: These tasty little green beans are delicious in Indian inspired vegetable stews and purees. Also the source of beansprouts. Try them in mung dahl.
Made of:
 Certified organic mung beans.
Certifications: USDA Organic
From the Australian maker: Queensland, Australia
From the Vietnamese maker: Quang Ninh, Vietnam
Size: 17.6oz (500g) rPET Jar. Product code: V1007101
Size: 17.5oz (500g) Vacuum-packed pouch. Product code: V1007102
Packaging: FDA approved, BPA-free and fully recyclable

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