BUNALUN x Pure In Fact
Certified: Organic & Non-Irradiated

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Pure Standards: 

Tasting Notes: Combines best with these flavours and uses: apples, biscuits and breads, cakes, chocolate, coffee, curries, custards, fruit compotes, meat stews, especially lamb, oranges, pears, rice, tea, spiced wine, sweet potatoes, winter squash. We stir tea and cocoa with whole cinnamon quills to add a warm flavour to them in winter.
Made of:
Certified organic cinnamon quills
Made in: Indonesia
Size: 3.2oz (90g) Glass jar. Product code: V1011551
Size: 3.2oz (90g) Vacuum-packed pouch. Product code: V1011552
Packaging: FDA approved, BPA-free and fully recyclable. 
Storage: Ambient, or refrigerate for optimum freshness.

Good for you, good for the planet:

For each Useful Plant product sold, a portion of the proceeds benefits plant conservation projects. To learn more about the projects we support, or to lend a hand yourself, please contact us.

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