Organic Granola, Muesli and Oats

Bunalun Organic Crunchy Granolas and Mueslis combine masses of fruits and nuts, oat flakes and seeds.
The fruits are sun-ripened, sun-dried, pure and moist.
The nuts are pure and nutty, untreated before, during and after harvest.
We mix them with the oats and seeds very slowly in small batches so they don’t get broken.
The honey we use in Bunalun Organic Granolas is from bees which gather their pollen from rambutan tree stands in Java. Their hives are at least 5km from any source of contamination. And it’s cold-pressed, which is expensive but preserves its pure flavour.
We bake the Granola mixes and check every few minutes that they are evenly toasted.
Towards the end of baking, we check the texture and colour every minute.
We leave them to cool in the air and pack them in airtight, re-usable jars or refill packs.
We do this is small batches so our Granolas are always fresh and their flavours are always at their best.
Everything in them is 100% organic so their flavours are always pure.
No need to add sweeteners, just milk or yogurt.
And their delicious in handfuls straight from the jar